The usability implications of minimalist design patterns

Article written and project lead by:
Kim Torres (UI/UX Designer) and Jim Warwick (UX Engineer)

Address form: Left: Material 1; Center: Material 2; Right: Aureus


With our Material Design form inputs, the minimalist affordances made interactions difficult and less intuitive. Although first glances make the sparse lines and larger areas of whitespace more attractive, the lack of structure and visual affordance lead to dead ends and missed cues.


In order to hit the ground running with a solid, well-documented and well-supported design pattern, we opted to move full steam ahead with the Material Design aesthetic. …

attribution: u/aregularusername73

As an INTP, I have a lot of ideas.

As a first sentence (or even complete article), I could be happy to just stop there ‘cause that’s satisfying and self-congratulatory enough for an INTP.

I’ve typed it out and read it back to myself 300 times and decided it’s succinct and straight to the point; and I’m sure other INTP’s will love reading it too, because we love reading anything that legitimizes and validates our lack of follow-through while at the same time praises our creativity and novelty.

But the full version of that first sentence is “As an INTP…

The UX of pre-filled form fields

My wife recently logged into our joint credit card account and it prompted her to fill out her own personal profile information; however, most of the form fields were pre-filled with my info. She was confused as to whether she should change any of it, thinking this action may change something about my profile.

I told her they probably pre-filled the form with the information they had about me to “make it easier” for her to fill in the common information between us, which led me to a thought:

Quicker ≠ Easier

It’s easy to see how the above credit card feature came…

Jim Warwick

Senior UX Engineer @ Billtrust // Angularphile // :thinking_face:

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